Miami's Ten Best Rockabilly Bands of All Time

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8. Tommy Spurlin and the Southern Boys

Along with his half-brother George Dumas, Tommy Spurlin began making music in the early '50s and relocated to South Florida from Elba, Alabama. Originally interested in pure honky-tonk country, they successfully transitioned into rockabilly when rock 'n' roll exploded. After getting tired of rock, Spurlin was fired from the band in 1957 and Dumas impersonated him, touring the Southern Boys act for a couple more years.

7. The Roxsters

Formed in '57 by Don Ward and Jerry Johnson, this outfit was initially from Palm Beach, but then the group became heavily involved with Harold Doane's ART label in Miami. As such, the band's members also served as session musicians for many other acts of the time that cut slabs with Doane. Despite having enjoyed one of the longer careers of the bands on this list, the Roxsters' full recorded catalog remains relatively unknown, because all of the original masters were dealt away by Doane when he sold his company in 1999. However, Ward, Johnson, and company are always represented in area compilations, so a good portion of their work can still be tracked down.

6. Buck Trail and the Dead Enders

Recorded in 1958, the Buck Trail single "Honky Tonk on 2nd Street"/"Beneath Miami Skies" is an absolute must for any rockabilly collector. However, this killer slab of wax often goes for about $600. So you might just want to stick to compilations until you win the lotto.

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