Miami's Ten Best Recording Studios

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4. Audio Vision

Two of the founders of this SSL stronghold are the guys responsible for mic placement on the aforementioned Criteria Records hit "Layla," by Eric Clapton, back when they were young dudes working at that studio under the expert tutelage of multitrack recording innovator Tom Dowd. One of their other partners, Steve Alaimo, was the vice president of TK Records back when they were selling vinyl by the millions. This studio also offers great internships and programs for the local youth of North Miami

3. The Dungeon

The greatest punk band in the history of Miami is Against All Authority. They took the sounds of the streets of the 305, put them on wax, and toured the world. That's no small feat when you're from the bottom of the map and playing pure underground music. But if not for The Dungeon, it's entirely possible nobody outside of South Florida would have ever heard of the band. This joint has also tracked New Found Glory, Sofia Vergara, and Johnny Dread to name a few. For the independent artist looking to make a quality recording, it's home.

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