Miami's Ten Best Recording Studios

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8. The Hit Factory Criteria

Way back in 1958, an electronics and engineering genius by the name of Mack Emmerman built the greatest studio that ever was. It's where Eric Clapton recorded "Layla," James Brown recorded "I Feel Good," and Atlantic Records sent anybody who needed a hit. Thanks to another electronics genius named Jeep Harned, and his Music Center Incorporated, the consoles were always top of the line. The floorplan and buildout of the space meant the acoustics were scientifically perfect, and the million-sellers flew out faster than they could be recorded. In 1999, The Hit Factory bought the joint, and now everybody from Justin Bieber to Timbaland go there for the same million dollar sound it's always had.

7. Shack North

This funky warehouse jam pad and recording studio has hosted some of the best of South Florida's underground bands for around a decade. Bands like the Curious Hair, Devotchka, and The Stop Motion have all worked there. Not just them, but guys like Jorge Moreno too. Any given night of the week a veritable symphony of local talent erupts forth with their distinct sounds of joyful and creative abandon, and that's what makes the place great.

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