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Miami's Ten Best Live Music Venues

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4. The Electric Pickle

You'll have to keep an eye on the schedule to spot the live bands versus the DJs. But when you do spot one, it's usually a sign that things are going to be pretty good. An audiophile's paradise, the Pickle wasn't just built for freaking on the dance floor. It was also built for freaking out to great music.

Most of the bands you'll see here are likely to be dance-y in some capacity. Sometimes, though, that just means you can nod your head and aren't immediately dismissive of nighttime sunglasses.

3. Grand Central

This midsized Downtown Miami venue is just big enough to pull some great national acts. But it's also small enough to feel as though you're seeing them at a secret show.

From month to month, there's a pretty good mix of established acts like Sleigh Bells, A$AP Rocky, Sebadoh, and the Black Lips. And maybe because the place is still kinda new, there's almost this feeling of throwing a party when someone's parents are away. Good thing they left the multiple bars stocked and they have awesome furniture that hides stains.

The sound system is great. There's a weird light board that flips out behind the bands. And there are usually some pretty decent drink specials. Oh, and the back patio would be one of the better bars in Miami, even without the rock club attached to it.

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