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Miami's Ten Best Live Music Venues

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6. Sweat Records

Shift your chairs this way 'cause it's time for a concert! Move them over there and we'll have a reading with weird video projections! Arrange the seats around a table and the place becomes a vegan waffle diner!

Sweat Records is anything and everything Miami's cultural community needs it to be. Aside from being the city's best record store and vegan café, it also regularly puts on great concerts and comedy shows in the back of the shop.

And yes, this Little Haiti hangout's anniversary party, Sweatstock, has become the local indie scene's annual high point. But Sweat Records is a year-round home for low-to-the-ground acoustic tours, avant-garde oddities, and local heroes returning home. If it's a show at Sweat, it's a pretty sure bet.

5. The Vagabond

What's the raddest part of a night at The Vagabond? When the DJ set ends and the live band is about to go on. The records have prepped you for that spark you can only get from live music.

The club itself is also pretty rad, a tucked away nook whose door policy keeps out only whatever has been giving you a hard time that week. Inside, it's you, the music and a really handsome crowd looking for fun without pretense. You can go for the bands. But know that most people kick it at this 14th Street spot because they trust the programmers and they'll give just about anything a shot.

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