Miami's Minimax Events: "We're Trying to Do Things to Set Us Apart"

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"We're trying to cultivate new things, a community, looking to bring different kinds of music," Ohashi says. "In Miami, we're pretty spoiled. We have amazing talent every week in multiple venues. We're trying to do things with Minimax to set us apart from the crowd."

Among these new nights is Cultivate, the hot Thursday-night weekly at Treehouse, produced in association with Un_Mute, and it seems underground house fans are hooked.

"It was really meant to just be a summer event," Ohashi says. "It's caught so much steam and people are really supporting it. People are about the whole Cultivate brand, and people want to be involved in terms of the people that we're working with. So, we're going to continue this for the foreseeable future."

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