Miami's Five Best Open Mic Nights

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Artistic Vibes

This year's Best of Miami open-mic night winner definitely deserves a prime spot on the list. Once you get past the odd location (as we've previously described it, "stuck behind an Outback Steakhouse in Kendall") and really take in the creative atmosphere, you'll recognize that this spot is an artistic paradise. Every Thursday night, comedian Xander Rey and poet Quills Rodriguez host a show that doesn't discriminate by genre and isn't limited to music. Pretty much any type of stage performance goes at Artistic Vibes.

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Bohemia Room

This gypsy-like open mic has traveled to various Miami venues. But for a while now, it has made its home at The Garret at Grand Central. Every Wednesday, local and international performers get together to be enlightened, laugh, and jam out. There's usually a featured performer following the open mic portion of the night. So you're sure to have a great time at the Bohemia Room, even if you don't plan on crashing the stage.

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