Miami's Five Best Karaoke Bars

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4. Titanic Brewery & Restaurant. 5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables; 305-668-1742;

Titanic is in the heart of 'Cane territory. Within walking distance from the University of Miami, the bar is Miami's oldest brewpub and one of Bernie's picks for best karaoke bars.

Though its burgundy walls and gold "Titanic Brewery" signage and $3 shot specials are the perfect fit for karaoke, "its longevity" and "rotation of people," Bernie says, is what makes the bar one of the best singing spots in the 305.

"Since it's so close to UM, based on the school's rotation of students, you have a rotation of people coming in all the time. Every four years, you get a new group of kids."

Miami Hurricanes know how to party... Maybe that 'Cane spirit is what makes Titanic an ideal place to get blasted and sing like a rock star.

3. Tom's NFL American Sports Bar & Grill. 5001 NW 36th St., Miami Springs; 305-888-6022;

Who knew there was more to Miami Springs than airport motels and a golf course?

On Wednesday nights, Tom's becomes a superstar talent (or lack thereof) showcase.

"It's one of those Cheers type of places and everyone knows your name. There's no pretentious people."

Even if you don't sing, it's pretty entertaining to watch.

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