Miami Club Violence Nothing New, Stabbings and Shootings From 1948,

In the wake of the recent Nocturnal nightclub shooting that killed one, hospitalized others, and sent hundreds stampeding through Downtown Miami, we found evidence of stabbings and shootings at another area establishment, the Cafe Society (1994 NW Third Ave., Miami), way back in 1948.

The front page of the Miami Times from November 20 of that year details knife- and gunplay that left four dead and four wounded in a two-month span. The article reveals an incident where "More than ten shots were fired in a shooting spree" at club bouncer Lawrence Rolle, 32, who was killed.

Meanwhile, a neighboring article shows that misdirected police violence at an unarmed Overtown civilian resulting in death is nothing new either. And apparently in 1948 a black life taken by police was only worth $350 ($1,000 if they had a good lawyer).

Here's the full text from both. Draw your own conclusions.

Police May Close Cafe Society Night Club

4 Die In 2 Months At Night Club

Source: Miami Times, November 20, 1948

Police Chief Walter Headley this week was studying reports on recent shootings at Cafe Society night club at 1994 NW 3rd Ave and considering recommending that the club be closed.

Four persons have been killed and four others wounded in knife fights and gun battles in the club during the past two months.

"An investigation is being made and if circumstances warrant it I will recommend to City Manager Hart that steps be taken to revoke the license," Chief Headley said.

The investigation was touched off by the death Sunday night of Lawrence Rolle, 32, a bouncer at the club. Rolle was killed in a gun battle where more than ten shots were fired in a shooting spree. In previous brawls two victims have died of bullet wounds and a fourth was fatally stabbed. Besides these, two other persons received serious knife wounds and two were shot and critically wounded.

The investigators revealed that the trouble had always started inside the club. Sometimes it ended inside, and other times it spilled out into the streets for the climax.

Widow of Police Victim Gets $1,000

Source: Miami Times, November 20, 1948

The widow and five minor children of Joe Pinkney, who was fatally wounded Feb 9th when police chased a burglary suspect, will get $1,000 from the City of Miami. She is Mrs. Lucille Pinkney of 1923 NW 4th ct.

The commission had previously voted the $350 to take care of funeral expenses. The amount was raised to $1000 when her attorney GE Graves Jr that the widow and her five children are existing on a $75 a month in relief funds.

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