Marc Anthony - American Airlines Arena, Miami

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There may have been a 90-minute delay, but Anthony seemed to know his fans very well, as did Vega.

"Where are las mujeres bellas?" asked Vega as every lady in the crowd raised her hand. "I saw some feitas, but that's OK."

As Vega continued observing the crowd, he pointed out a fairly empty gap in the arena.

"Los que están tarde, esos son mi gente," he laughed, alluding to Latinos and our trouble understanding the concept of time.

"Where are my Boricuas?" La gente screamed.

"Donde están los Cubanos?" The crowd lost total control.

"Holy shit."

After 30 minutes of cracking on every Latino stereotype, the crowd slowly trickled in and Vega left Anthony's number one fans ready for la pachanga.

Moments later, the crew of background singers and musicians walked onto the circular rotating stage smack in the heart of the floor. The arena went black as blue lights flashed to the beat of the drum.

There was the former Mr. J Lo, in black shades and a matching suit.

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