Maggotron and DXJ Miami Bass Video Hits Collection

As long as we're talkin' bout Maggotron, we might as well do the right thing and put some of his sounds in your earholes. Get ready for robot voices, vocoder effects, screw type vocals, movie quotes, scratch noises, more cowbell, and the drum patterns that now define old school.

"The Bass That Ate Miami" for sale new on Amazon for over $100.

Click here for DXJ's discography

Kinda lame that this upload of classic Miami Bass is so treble heavy, but a funny song worth hearing anyway "Bass it to the max like a real troop trooper, bass it to the max don't you be a party pooper."

Return to the Planet Of Bass a real polished tight sounding song. Check out that guitar riff too, shits cool. Click here for Maggotron's rhapsody page.

Bass Rock The Planet also known as Stupid Other Rappers, awesome shit talking song about people like Kurtis Blow, and Lisa Lisa, MC Shy D, MC ADE, Universal Krush Crew. "Why you so stupid?" Click here for Maggotron's myspace.

"What's Happenin Black" off of the album "The Invasion Will Not Be Televised, Cos We Don't Have A Video." Click here for Maggotron's facebook page.

Maggotron - Computer Pop. This is Maggotron's second 12 inch single. It is from 1984. Click here for Maggotron's wikipedia page.

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