Machine Gun Kelly Vomits Vodka Into Girl's Mouth: Six Other Disgusting Fan Interactions

Fan love is weird.

Devoted followers will do just about anything to feel closer to their favorite musicians, even if it means public humiliation and personal debasement.

Like this broad who let Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly vomit vodka into her mouth during a show last weekend. First of all, vodka is intense. But then you're gonna drink it straight from the germ-infested mouth of some asshole you don't even really know?

Damn, girl ... You're nasty. At least alcohol kills bacteria. Too bad for you someone caught the whole thing on video.

Look at this girl gobble that shit. You can tell she was stoked by the rapper's reaction on stage. He takes a swig, looks around, and practically jumps up and down when this girl is all, "Yeah, totes put it in my mouth." Sorry, girl, that shit is not normal.

Cue Ballin' With Marilyn

But MGK isn't the only guy to get freaky on stage. Self-proclaimed "God of Fuck" Marilyn Manson knows how to shock a crowd more than anyone, but he got a little more than he bargained for at a Minnesota concert in 2000. He was sued by an employed security guard seeking $75,000 in emotional damage after the singer gyrated his hips against the man's head, and you know he probably wasn't wearing much.

Barfin' with Bieber

When Manson puts his balls in someone's face, he gets sued. But if Justin Bieber were to puke on his fan's heads, they'd roll around in it. At least, that's what some young girls said when interviewed by radio-host TJ of the Elvis Duran Morning Show at a meet and greet in New York City. When asked if they'd let the Biebster puke and fart on them, they were all about it. They even said they'd inhale his farts willingly. Woah. Don't love him that much.

Spittin' Game

Not everyone has such loyal fans. Earlier this year, when rap superstar the Game was approached by female fans after a club performance in Australia, they weren't super pleased with what he had to say. Maybe that's because he didn't actually say anything, but just spat in their faces. It seems cruel, but honestly, we don't know what those girls were saying. Maybe they're not even fans. Maybe they were talking shit and represent for Fifty Cent. Oh well. Spitting is gross.

Pete Doherty Is a Bloody Artist

But for every fan that doesn't want bodily fluids, there is one who does. Like the guy who approached Pete Doherty after a show in Wigan, Manchester. Apparently, the fan needed some money, and Doherty agreed to make him a blood portrait so he could auction it off for cash. It might sound horrifying. But what a kind gesture! The Libertine's singer really hasn't forgotten what it's like to be down and out.

Something Smells Fishy

Of course, everyone has heard tale of the kinky Led Zeppelin groupie who let the band bang her with a shark - or something. The story varies depending on the source, but according to Snopes, it wasn't really a shark. Apparently, it was John Bonhom and the group's road manager chillin at the Edgewater hotel in Seattle, and some fiery red-head came looking for a party. They tied her down and thought it might be fun to fill her red snapper with, well, a red snapper. "That was it," said their manager. "It was the nose of the fish, and that girl must have come 20 times."

Gonna Pee On You

But the award for nastiest, freakiest, most effed up fan interaction definitely goes to R. Kelly for peeing all over this girl on tape during a threesome. He finally went to trial in 2008, six years after the incident occurred, because there was speculation the girl in the video was under-age. In the end, he was acquitted of all 14 counts, but we all still poke fun because he definitely pissed all over whoever it was' face. Age ain't nothing but a number, but pee-pee is fucking gnar-gnar.

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