Local Hip-Hop on the Warped Tour 2010: Parable and Llamabeats to Appear on Grind Time Now Stage

It's always good to see the Warped Tour pick up on local talent. This year add the Parable MC and Llamabeats project Think Tank to that list.

Hip Hop is back on Warped in the form of the Grind Time Now Stage. It's a project of the world's largest rap battle league of the same name, a web-based phenomenon with over 20 million YouTube views of people viciously making fun of each other in rhymes.

Miami's Parable has been involved with that network since its founding, via his collaborations with league co-founder Madd Illz from Orlando.

Think Tank is a collaboration between Parable and Llamabeats, the sick and hungry (in a good way) Setai Studio intern production team and band that we interviewed in April.

The group will perform its live-action hip hop on all the Florida dates of the Warped Tour 2010 in St. Pete, Orlando, and West Palm Beach. Parable says, "It's definitely an honor to be performing on a stage of that caliber and representing hip hop for that kind of audience."

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