Level From Alukard Talks Vigilante Justice, L.A., and Rock Of Ages

Just because Miami doesn't have any alternative music on the radio, it doesn't mean the city isn't producing radio-worthy rock.

Alukard has been making the 305 headbang since forming in 2003. And now with its freshly digitized (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby) second album Vigilante Justice, new friends on the Fresh Coast, and total determination to break on a national level, this crew could put our city on the alt-rock map.

We spoke to Level about pigs in El Paso, "A Knight Out," and big plans for the future.

Crossfade: Wassup dude?

Right now, we just came back from a month-long tour of L.A. We played the Whiskey A Go Go, and made some contacts with certain managers and bands and stuff. And we're establishing a good connection between what's going on out there with the industry to get ourselves a real good boost to getting signed. We want our indie Labeless Records to have major sponsoring over there and that's pretty much the move right now.

Wassup with shows now that you're back down here?

Our drummer got a hairline fracture on his knee, so it's gonna be about a month before we start it up down here again. But we'll definitely be doing a bunch of shows, and then do the same thing back out in L.A. in January.

What's the new album?

The new album is Vigilante Justice. It's our second effort, all the way indie. We did everything on it ourselves. The artwork is by Chocolate Milk. We have our first official music video coming out too. It's by De La Vega Films. It's going to be on the Revolver Magazine channel for gotv.com, so we're actually really excited about that. It's really gonna be blasted out there. It's an amazing opportunity.

What song is the video for?

The single is called "A Knight Out." It's a multi-theme song tackling a lot of issues, like a little run in with the authorities we've had, and jabs at politics nowadays, and just dealing with everyday life.

What happened with the pigs?

Going on tour, there's a lot of dangers, especially in Texas. We made a stop at El Paso and had a run in with the border patrol. They were just looking for immigrants, but they ended up going after us. Like, if you're in a band, you look different, and you're from Florida, then you're automatically suspect. We were waiting in line, not doing anything wrong, and they were just all over us and trying to find a stash that we never had, and detaining us, and telling us that we were gonna be facing federal time, and sniffing us out with the dogs. I-10 is not the road to be taking. They really push it down your throat.

What else you got happening?

I'm actually casted in Rock Of Ages, coming out in some scenes. I have to go do filming again at the Hard Rock on July 18. I don't have any speaking lines or anything. But I have face time, especially during the Stacy Jackson, which is Tom Cruise, scenes. If those don't make the cut, I shot some stuff with Platinum Black too.

Any difference to playing here vs LA?

Primarily, I would say the crowds are different. Miami is not known for being a rock town, so you have to work harder here. The crowd has to get to know you first, and then it's all love. L.A., being a rock town, they're more appreciative of the music. People show more love in regards to being excited. In L.A., it was quicker, they're more responsive. But it's always 305 rock forever, no matter where we at, dog. We take that with us wherever we go.

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