Ky-Mani Marley Talks Life, Death, and Konfrontation Muzik

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Crossfade: Wasup man, you have an album almost done right?

Ky-Mani Marley: I got two album right now. One is Evolution of a Revolution on Evolution of a Revolution record label. And another album, a more acoustic driven cross between reggae and soft rock, but original and authentic that has all the coloring of the roots of reggae music too. I think it's in a great place.

And you're hitting up Peru soon too, right?

We heading out to Peru, the second of November, and December 8 for Colombia. We were just in South America: Chile, Argentina, Brazil. And then we did Europe: France, Portugal, some other places. Then we took some time for this album, and soon we go back out.

When's it coming out?

Looking right now to release the first single as a free download shortly, and then the album itself in February.

Are the lyrics based in reality? Or more like party music?

It's real life. The message is there strong. The music is where hip-hop meets the dancehall and party vibe.

What's the feeling of it?

I put it to what the week might be like. One song for when you might be tired from working. One like makin' love to your girl. One might feel like ridin' out smokin'. I got you there too. The Evolution is an acoustic driven album. That feel good, that get in tune, that feel-good, that good bounce vibe message.

You got this show at Ricochet coming up, right?

I'ma touch on that few songs off the new album, but it's more like a little unplugged vibe -- some old, some new, and some that haven't been recorded yet.

You weren't born in Miami, but you're pretty much from here.

I been here since I was, like, 8 years old. Pretty much my entire life. I grew up on NW 22nd Avenue and 90th Street in Liberty City.

Did you know Bizzle at all?

Bizzle, I didn't know at all. But I know his music, definitely in touch with and in tune with the music. My heart goes out to the family....

Stories like his, they are unfortunately common, though.

It is what is. You already know how it go. We living in rough and tough times where patience is not something you run into everyday. I had a friend face the same fate last week over a simple misunderstanding over $50.

You wanna talk about that at all?

Man, no. Really, it's still hitting home.

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