Kreayshawn Talks Debut Album, Smokin' Weed and Keepin' It Craccin' With Snoop Dogg

For a minute, the entire wired world was asking, "Where the F#@K is Kreayshawn?!"

But all that initial hype generated by "Gucci Gucci" has begun to die down. And now, locked into a million-dollar major-label deal, Oakland's most infamous internet sensation is forced to either duplicate that shit or die.

Well, maybe that's overstating the severity of the situation. Especially since Kreay herself seems so chill. Yesterday, we spoke with her about wasting time, recording the new album, smokin' weed and keepin' it craccin' with Snoop Dogg, and even the possibility of a cameo on Daddy Dogg's new NBC family sitcom.

Crossfade: How are you wasting time these days? Are you mostly doing gigs? Or working on the debut record?

Kreayshawn: Right now, it's been all about doing these shows. But in between, I have studio time and I'm always trying to finish the album. I'm halfway done, so it's not like I'm gonna be struggling and trying to figure things out. I kinda already have what I want already planned.

Is it all gonna be swag stuff like "Gucci Gucci"? Or are you gonna mess with people's expectations?

I'm looking for new things to talk about. You know, my life has changed. And there's definitely going to be some messing with expectations. I want something that any person who listens to any genre can find a song they like on the album.

Do you have a name for the record?

I think the best way to name it is to wait until you're already done with it. So you can, like, come up with the perfect name.

You're working with Snoop Dogg, right?

Yeah! We actually did it, like, a couple days after "Gucci Gucci" came out. We just met and ended up working on a track. So we're trying to agree on a good way we can both come out with it. 'Cause I wanna put it out just for the people, you know.

Is it fully packaged and ready to go?

Yeah. It's me, V-Nasty, and Snoop. And it's called "Keep It Craccin'," spelled with that cc, not ck.

What's it like hitting the studio with Snoop? Does it get wild? Or is he just a laidback, professional motherfucker these days?

Yeah. He's pretty chill. We were just hanging out, smokin' weed in the studio. It was definitely a good time.

How are you gonna repay Snoop? You gonna be making a cameo on his new NBC family sitcom?

He's workin' on a lot of stuff from movies to TV shows and everything. So I wouldn't be surprised if he picked me and put me on.

Kreayshawn. Friday, November 11. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami. Doors open at 11 p.m. and tickets cost $15 plus fees via Call 305-695-8411 or visit

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