Kreayshawn Squashes Beef With Rick Ross: "We're Not Funkin' No More"

When we here at Crossfade heard that Kreayshawn was planning a trip to the MIA (AKA the home of Ricky Rozay), we thought, She better watch her back 'cause she be beefin' with The Bawse.

See, a few months ago, the little Oaktown spitter dissed Ross by calling him fake during a freestyle on Philly's Power 99. And she followed up with a YouTube video, talking shit about Rozay's weight and his love of chicken wings.

In turn, Ross fired back in the pages of XXL, calling her "a dirty bitch" and saying "I can't wait to slap the shit out of whoever carries her bags. And I hope it's her nigga."

But earlier this week, Kreayshawn told Crossfade it ain't no thang, the beef is squashed, and "We're not funkin' no more."

Have you ever been to the 305 before?

Nah, I've never been there. I'm superexcited. It's gonna be, like, hella fun. I have a whole bunch of homies out there and shit. So I can't wait to see what the Miami life is like.

This city's packed with bold-name rappers. You got plans for partying, hanging out, hitting the studio with any of those homies in the MIA?

I'm trying to get a whole bunch of people out there 'cause it's [Kreayshawn collaborator] V-Nasty's birthday. It's her biggest birthday ever. She's turning 21. So we're definitely gonna get somethin' poppin'.

What about the Maybach Music fam? You're visiting Miami, the home of Rick Ross. What's the status of your feud with Rozay? Has that blown over? Or are y'all still feuding?

There are some things that I did wrong. [Laughs] But at the same time, I'm a young rapper who talks. You know, that's our thing ... We talk too much.

But as far as the beef, it's all done. We're not funkin' no more. So I'm not worried about going out there.

Actually, I wasn't even thinking about it till everyone's interviewing me. [Laughs] And then I was like, "Wait ... Should I be?"

Kreayshawn, a live performance. Opium Hard Rock, 5729 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Saturday, November 12. The show starts at 11 p.m. and tickets cost $15 plus fees via Call 954-327-9094 or visit

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