Kreayshawn on "Gucci Gucci" Ghostwriter's Royalty Complaints: "I Gave Him Money [to] Finish His Own Project"

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In the time (approximately five days) that it took 600,000 YouTube junkies to fire up their MacBook Pros, smoke a fatty, and sing-along to the hot and sticky candy-colored vid for a song trash-talking couture and "basic bitches," a 22-year-old female rapper from the Bay Area named Kreayshawn became internet fucking famous.

That track was "Gucci Gucci" (duh) and it was co-written by Speak, a 25-year-old half-Jewish songwriter-for-hire. Today, the YouTube video's clocked 25,248,968 views; Kreayshawn's scored a reportedly million-dollar deal with Sony; and in a story by New Times' sister paper LA Weekly, Speak's complaining about unpaid royalties and "eating Spam for dinner."

Since Ms. Kreay's in town this weekend for live gigs and club appearances at a bunch of Opium Group spots, Crossfade decided to ask her about instant fame, her "I don't give a fuck" syndrome flaring up, and Speak's allegations.

Crossfade: You got famous real fast. What's the best thing about fame?

Kreayshawn: Just being in charge of your finances, for one. Being able to do what you want and be in charge creatively is the best part. But I have to say I'm learning more bad parts about it.

Yeah. So what's the shittiest thing about fame?

As an artist, you wanna keep everything about art. But a lot of things about fame is all about media. It sucks that people care more about what you're talking about in the media than what you're talking about in your music.

Every day, you seem to have some kind of new beef. Is that just your "I don't give a fuck" syndrome flaring up? Or is just the media starting shit?

It's a mix of both things, you know. Like, artists are always talking. That's our job, talking about anything, music-wise or talkin' just to talk. So sometimes things get misconstrued and all that stuff. But it's all good.

Your "Gucci Gucci" ghostwriter, Speak, has been complaining about royalties. How much of the song did he write?

He helped me write some of it. And there's that whole LA Weekly drama with everyone sayin', "Oh, you didn't pay him." Blah, blah, blah. That was all a misconception. I gave him money so he could finish his own project.

So he helped me write "Gucci Gucci." But for the most part, everything else I've been doing myself. I've written by myself before that. And I've written by myself after that.

Kreayshawn. Friday, November 11. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami. Doors open at 11 p.m. and tickets cost $15 plus fees via wantickets.com. Call 305-695-8411 or visit mansionmiami.com.

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