Kill "Pitbullshit," Fake DJs in New Video Game

Does Pitbull's "Timber" make you wanna murder? Are you effin' fed up with fake DJs like Paris Hilton getting paid $1 million per night?

Time to play Ghosts 'n DJs, a new, retro video game from a Spanish electronic music producer named Dr. Kuch.

The mission... Rid mankind of all the pop and EDM hacks who "came to take over the world and punish our ears to death."

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Your enemies are "Pitbullshit, Paris Sheraton, Devil Gueta, Pauly Douchebag, and Steve Sushi."

And though, as Dr. Kucho laments in the video game's trailer, it may be true that "in the real world, you can't do anything to stop them"... In the post-apocalyptic, Top 40-ridden realm of Ghosts 'n DJs, you can at least kill them, over and over, with "the tools of music," e.g. vinyl records and used CDs.

The death of a bad guy is accompanied by a celebratory explosion of blood and money.

But beware Pitbullshit! Because there's "nothing scarier," Kucho warns, "than the voice and the sophisticated lyrics of the songs of this creature."

Some even choose to kill themselves, rather than listen to another "YA TU SABE."

GIF sequence from Dr. Kucho's Ghosts 'n DJs

Inspired by 1985 side-scroller Ghosts 'n Goblins, Dr. Kucho's game is still in the development phase.

But Pitbull and Paris Hilton haters can donate to the crowdfunding campaign and download the alpha version via Kickstarter.

"Ghosts 'n DJs is a project born from the love of music," Kucho explains. "And," he adds, "from the impotence of not being able to [actually] do anything against these fakers."

As Pitbullshit might say: "Kill meee! Daleee!"

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