Kid Rock Wins NAACP Award For No Apparent Reason, "Loves Black People"

Upon reading Billboard's report that crappy rap-country mish-masher Kid Rock received a Great Expectations Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Sunday, our first reaction was, WTF? People still listen to Kid Rock? Our second thought was, WTF? How has Kid Rock advanced anything other than the general suckiness of music?

But then we thought, maybe the award has to do with that sophisticated study of biracial dating Kid Rock penned in the '90s. It was titled "Black Chick, White Guy," and detailed how Kid Rock saved a "black chick, with a real white accent" from a "dope dealin' n**ger" only to find out she was just a "slut."

Or maybe it has to do with the Midwesterner's expert understanding of race relations in the South and the symbolism attached to the confederate flag, which he proudly flies at performances and in videos.

As he told Guardian UK in 2008: "Sure, it's definitely got some scars, but I've never had an issue with it. To me, it just represents pride in Southern rock 'n' roll music, plus it just looks cool." Apparently, citizens of 1860s America were listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and other rock 'n' roll music that didn't exist until the 1950s, and not the sound of gunfire and tears.

But Kid Rock has a better theory for why he was given this award, which he articulated in a totally not awkward acceptance speech: "I love America, I love Detroit, and I love black people!" Maybe next year Donald Trump will be given an award for declaring a "great relationship with the blacks"?

Here's some footage of Kid Rock butchering yet another song advancing expectations, to the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama:"

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