Kanye West's Kardashians Cameo and Five Other Predictions for His Downward Spiral

How adorable are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, y'all? They're like the cutest rebound couple ever! But don't remind Kim's stepfather, former Olympian-turned-cosmetic-surgery-disaster Bruce Jenner, that they're dating.

TMZ reports that Jenner was at a speaking engagement at Northeastern University when someone in the crowd asked the former track star about his take on Kimye.

"I'm not excited," he replied, "but we'll see."

Shit's going to be mad awkward when Kanye West starts appearing on Keeping up with the Kardashians, inevitably marking the beginning of a very public downward spiral. Check out our predictions.

5. Kanye Threatens Kim's Family Members à la Kris Humphries

After Kim's brother Rob called her a "whore" last season on Keeping up with the Kardashians,  Humphries asked Mama Kardashian, "Are you okay if I put [my] hands on your son?"

Will Kanye slap Bruce Jenner for saying he's "not excited" that Kim's dating him? It's a "Love Lockdown."

4. Kim and Kanye's Date Night at the Nets Game

After threatening to have Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband fired from the Nets, it'll be super uncomfortable when Nets owner Jay-Z invites Kimye on a courtside double date.

Kris Humphries will ball so hard that night that even Kim will think it was cray that she ever left him.

3. Kanye West on Keeping up with the Kardashians

Forget watching the throne, it's all about watch the E! network when Ye guest stars on Kim's Ryan Seacrest-produced reality show. Sandwiched between a True Hollywood Story episode and The Soup, tune in to see Kanye and Kim chaperon Kendall Jenner's first date.

While it's an inevitable ratings booster for the Kardashian clan, reality television is "Bad News" for Kayne's street credibility.

2. Kanye Rewrites Keeping up with the Kardashians Theme Song

Form "Niggas in Paris" to socialites on television, Kanye's next collaboration isn't a club banger with Jay-Z, but a small-screen jingle for E!.

1. 72-Day Marriage

Nothing sells primetime ad space like an over-hyped wedding, right? Over 3.2 million people watched Kim's sister, Khloé, marry NBA star Lamar Odom in 2010. Over 8 million folks watched Kim's two-part "Fairytale Wedding" a year later. 

Imagine what the numbers would be like if Kanye and Kim tied the knot. And imagine what a divorce would do in terms of press. Hello, brand recognition.

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