Kanye West/Lady Gaga Fame Kills Tour Lives Up to Its Name, Self Implodes

When Kanye West and Lady Gaga announced they'd be touring together we can't say we were all that excited. Both represent many of the things wrong with pop music. West can't keep his ego in check, and Gaga thinks the more eccentric she acts the more authentic she is. Word of advice to both of you: Focus on making good music for a change. However, the world will be spared from having to witness the probable douchebaggery these two would have brought to the stage since it was announce yesterday that the tour has been scraped.

If you were fooled into purchasing tickets for the Fame Kills tour, which was scheduled to stop December 9 at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami, Live Nation announced refunds are available at the point of purchase.

All we are left with was with the "arty" promo video above for the now canceled tour. Thankfully, that is the only damage the world will have to endure from the pair.

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