Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Moving Into $10-Million Miami Mansion!?

Get ready, everyone.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are house-hunting for $10-million Miami mansions.

The fashionable, ego-centric couple was spotted wandering the MIA's rainy streets yesterday, stopping to check out lots of properties, and grabbing each other's delicious butt cheeks. Oh, to be rich, popular, and in love.

But is this a good thing for Miami? Should we be totally stoked about the new neighbors? Or is this going to be really, really annoying?

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We know Kim loves to go clubbing. She was just at LIV for the Diplo show last week. So does this mean we can look forward to more Kimye appearances at SoBe clubs? Is it bad if we hope Kanye storms the stage and steals the mike all like, "Look, white girl on stage, Ima let you finish, but my bitch has the most perfect ass of all time?"

Maybe we can set the scene for a supersteamy sex tape on the beach, since both these kinksters are way into fornicating on film.

And does this mean the Louis Vuitton store will just be, like, closed forever now? We heard they might have an obsession, not that we're personally rushing in to buy that shit on our measly blogger salary. We're just looking out for you guys.

So when y'all hitting up the nude beach?

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