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Justin Bieber Hates American Health Care System, Abortions

The Biebz thinks Americans are "evil," and according the 16-year-old Canuck, sometimes rape "happens for a reason." At least, that's what he told Rolling Stone's Vanessa Grigoriadis in the forthcoming issue that hits newsstands on February 18.

"Canada's the best country in the world," he says in the upcoming issue of the culturally relevant magazine. "We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but [in America], your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills."

Hey, Beiber, love it or leave it, buddy.

LOLZ, just kidding, we love Biebz and his teenie-bopper brand. And actually, we're pretty disappointed with our country's healthcare system too. But what's this about abortions and rape?

"I really don't believe in abortion," he says, and in the case of rape, "I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason."

Bieber's sounding mighty political. We can only speculate that Usher's prodigy is gearing up for a post-pop star career as an elected official. Unfortunately for us, he'll never be president because (a) he's Canadian, and (b) superstardom will likely drive the pint-size performer to drug rehab.

Let's just hope he doesn't impregnate his Disney princess, Selena Gomez, and become an absentee father.

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