Julieta Venegas and Los Amigos Invisibles - Grand Central Miami - 3/19/2014

Julieta Venegas and Los Amigos Invisibles

Sala Siete Concert Series, Presented by Jack Daniel's

With Mr. Pauer and Domino Saints

Grand Central, Miami

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It was the middle of the week. But it felt like a Saturday night in Miami.

Doors opened at Grand Central by 8:00 p.m., and in just a few minutes, the party was already full of life and rhythm.

For the last few years, the Jack Daniel's Sala Siete concert series has been promoting Latin music all around the United States. The goal is to bring the beat of salsa, reggae, Latin rock, and cumbia to every corner of the country. As they say: "In Sala Siete, there's room for all music."

And last night, that meant accordion-wielding songstress Julieta Venegas and Venezuelan sextet Amigos Invisibles.

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Miami DJ-producer Mr. Pauer was in charge of setting the mood between each band with his famous Latin electronic mixes. The Latin Grammy-nominated DJ is an expert at blending tropical beats with electro pop-rock, and making everybody dance.

Next, the Puerto Rican band Domino Saints hit the stage. And the explosive urban pop duo unleashed its hits, ramping up the night's energy.

It was still early and there had been already so much dancing at Grand Central.

But then the multi-Latin Grammy winner Ms. Julieta Venegas climbed into the spotlight with her accordion.

She is one of the most popular Latin pop-rock singers. So naturally, everybody in the audience knew the lyrics to each and every one of her songs.

The Mexican star played the keyboard and her famous acordeón on timeless cuts like "Limón y Sal," "Lento," and "El presente."

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She's had such a long and lovely career that song after song was a hit after hit. But even her covers were received with shouts of surprise and joy. Like her interpretation of "Sin Documentos," a song from Argentinian band Los Rodríguez that erupted into the throwing of hands, the moving of feet, and unabashed singing along.

Finally, though, Julieta had to say goodnight. And she did so, appropriately, with "Me Voy."

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At the peak of the night, Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles took the Grand Central stage. And as this band has done before, made everybody dance and sweat.

They are one of Miami's favorite party music crews, with their own signature gozadera sound, a fusion of Latin funk and lounge music.

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The fans welcomed Los Amigos with Venezuelan flags, waving the yellow-blue-and-red banners while singing along.

When one of the flags was thrown onto the stage, Julio, the band's singer, grabbed it and wrapped it proudly around his neck as he and Los Amigos ran through hits like "Sexy," "Mentiras," "Cuchi Cuchi," and "Ponerte Cuatro," stirring the audience into a frenzy.

The banderas flapped even harder. And the crowd went wild.

-- Luz Elena Silva

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