The German collective Jazzanova tends to focus on original music and remixes instead of mix compilations. Nevertheless, the DJ/production sextet is also known for weaving together wildly diverse styles without a hitch in its DJ sets. Musically broad and well informed, the group often guides its listeners through an open aural field with brave, yet invariably spot-on choices.

That reputation is the impetus behind . ..Mixing, which as the title might imply, is meant to be all about blending styles. While several of Jazzanova's own compositions -- which can be quite varied -- are featured, these tracks tend to veer toward the group's jazzy side. This is also the thrust behind most of ...Mixing, which concentrates on soulful numbers by Jill Scott ("A Long Walk [A Touch of Jazz mix]"), Bahamadia ("UKNOWHOWWEDO [Ski remix]"), and Georg Levin ("Let There Be Love"), instead of the wider range of sounds Jazzanova is known for such as drum and bass, house, and broken beat. As such, ...Mixing does not give the truest representation of where Jazzanova can really go. -- Lily Moayeri

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