Jacuzzi Boys: Still Big, Perform on WFMU

The Jacuzzi Boys have definitely made it big.

You know why we know this? Not because they have a live album out on Jack White's Third Man Records. And not because they just got back from a monthlong American tour. But because they've got a performance featured on WFMU. 

Gabriel Alcala started the set that aired on Evan "Funk" Davies show by saying, "Hey, all you space cadets, we're the Jacuzzi Boys from Miami, Florida. This first song's about birthday cakes. Enjoy."

The Jersey City radio station is a definite compass for all things cool and good in a world of shitty, scary music. The band performed live in studio on March 26 and the show aired the following Wednesday. It's now on the web for all to hear and download for free.

Of the experience, bass player Danny Gonzalez told Crossfade, they "met Evan (Davies) and the engineer Diane Kamikaze, set our stuff up, had some bagels and coffee, talked about staying in a shitty motel in New Jersey the previous night, and then just played through the set."

The cherry on top? "When we were done there was a male Judy Garland impersonator rehearsing Smiths songs with a guitar player in the next room... It was pretty awesome!"

The Jacuzzi Boys will playing Churchill's Pub this Saturday. Go shake your fruits.

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