Jacuzzi Boys' Gabriel Alcala's Art Onstage With Charli XCX on Jimmy Kimmel Live

We here at New Times always figured it was just a matter of time before local band-gone-big Jacuzzi Boys' lead singer and guitarist Gabriel Alcala's artistic endeavors would be seen on a late-night talk show. But we just figured it would be as lead singer of the Jacuzzi Boys, not as part of the set design.

Tuesday night, though, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! it was Alcala's drawings that made an impressive appearance onstage. As Charli XCX performed dressed in cowgirl gear, Alcala's life-sized illustrations of a cow, cactus, and boot were featured so prominently onstage that Charli XCX even rested her ten-gallon hat on the cactus.

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"My friend Pres [Rodriguez] got me the job." Alcala told New Times while dealing with a bout of the flu. "He received an email from this amazing video director who needed some crude and wacky illustrations ASAP for Charli XCX's performance. He showed her my work, and she thought I was a great fit."

Before Alcala became a rock star, he studied art at New World School of the Arts and received a BFA. "I've always been a visual person. I love drawing almost as much as playing rock 'n' roll. Designing fliers, posters, shirts could be as fun as playing a show sometimes."

You can see more of his art on his website gabrielalcala.com, though he advises that he updates his art on his Instagram account, @gabalca , more often.

As long we had him in our reach, we figured we'd ask him what he has planned for his day job -- or is it night job? -- with the Jacuzzi Boys. "We have three seven-inches coming out really soon, accompanied by three music videos. We're working on a new album now, and we have a show on the 20th at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale."

Maybe Charli XCX can return the favor and provide some artwork for their stage show?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.