It's 4/20! Top Ten Types of Weed Named After Rock, Pop, and Rap Songs

Today must be a holiday or something.

When we woke up this morning, there was a present from our dealer on the doorstep, containing ten types of weed named after rock, pop, and rap songs. It's like the radio came to life and embedded itself in our bowls.

So far, we've burned through a lil' bit of Rihanna's Birthday Cake, a big fat Bangarang bud, and even some Ziggy Stardust.

But we here at Crossfade need help finishing off the rest of this musical marijuana. So come party with us and check out this list of ish that we've been smoking.

Strain: Birthday Cake

Type: Sativa

High: This sweet-tasting herb gives the smoker a boost of energy and increases sexual appetite. It may also give the user a strange and uncontrollable urge to clap their hands.

Strain: Teen Spirit

Type: Sativa/Indica blend

High: This potent herb has a strong, earthy scent, and is pleasurable to smoke. But it may leave the user feeling disillusioned and detached from reality. If such feelings occur, it's best to smoke another bowl while writing poetry of a vague and moody variety.

Strain: Norwegian Wood

Type: Indica

High: This bud may impair your ability to operate heavy machinery. Smokers usually break out in fits of laughter. They may also appear disconnected from conversation. Fanciful daydreams should be expected.

Strain: Bangarang

Type: Sativa

High: This strain doesn't creep up on the smoker. Instead, it hits them hard in the face. Contact highs are strong and almost unavoidable. The Bangarang buzz is very energetic. Many report an uncontrollable craving for Fun Dip.

Strain: White Rabbit

Type: Sativa/Indica blend

High: Some White Rabbit enthusiasts claim they experience a heightened sense of alertness. Others confess to rather dissociative effects. In either case, frequent users advise: "Do not panic, dude. Ride it out."

Strain: Sweet Leaf

Type: Indica

High: When indulging in Sweet Leaf, the smoker may not ever find the strength to leave the couch. It produces a heavy body high with introspective side effects.

Strain: Just Like Heaven

Type: Sativa/Indica blend

High: The buds are dark in color. But they have a bright flavor when smoked. Proponents claim to be overcome with a blissful sense of nostalgia and pleasant calm. Smokers also report dancing in circles.

Strain: Rapper's Delight

Type: Sativa

High: Great for smoking before going out, this weed leaves users with a pep in their step and a lean in their walk. Some smokers may find themselves talking with increased rapidity and exceptional flow.

Strain: G6

Type: Sativa

High: Unlike many other types of marijuana, the G6 strain goes well with alcohol. Increased heart rate and a general sense of unstoppableness have been reported, along with a likelihood to post up and mean mug in the club.

Strain: Ziggy Stardust

Type: Sativa/Indica blend

High: This bud, known for its high crystal count, may cause temporary egotism accompanied by delusions of grandeur. It is however a fantastic strain for smoking while indulging in artistic and creative pursuits, such as writing, painting, and playing guitar for your pot plants.

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