Is DMX the Dumbest Rapper Alive?

In light of his most recent arrest--at a Wal-Mart--in South Florida this past Thursday, the question deserves to be asked: is DMX the dumbest rapper alive?

The former rap star who once put out widely revered albums like, It's Dark and Hell is Hot and Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood, has already been arrested seven times this year, a ridiculous figure for a man who claims he's coming out with a gospel album at some point in 2008. Seven times. It's like he wants to end up in the Guinness Book of World Records and he just might get there.

Katt Williams clowns on DMX

Last Thursday, DMX was arrested while parked illegally in a handicapped spot outside of a local Wal-Mart. Now that's just lazy. But considering he already had a warrant out for his arrest in Arizona, that's even more reason for him not to be such an idiot and park illegally. Especially in a city where the cops have it out for him. His arrest last week was the third time he'd been busted locally in the past two months--and he doesn't even live here.

Back in Arizona, where the DMX (real named Earl Simmons) actually does live, he's got a bunch of legal troubles already stemming from drug arrest charges, animal cruelty charges, and having recently been nabbed for giving a fake name and social security number at a hospital to avoid paying for services. That's a lot of legal trouble. A statement was released on DMX's behalf by a public defender recently (and regardless of what it said: why does DMX need a public defender?)

It's clear that what he really needs is some help. And hopefully he gets it. But until then, DMX appears to be, at least currently, the dumbest rapper alive.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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