Interpol's Sam Fogarino: "Miami Is Where I Learned How to Do What I Do"

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Crossfade: Is coming back home to play Miami still as big a deal for you as when Interpol first took off?

Sam Fogarino: Yeah, it has been ever since I started doing it over 12 years ago. Miami is where I learned how to do what I do, you know? So, yeah, it's always a big deal.

You gave an interview for the Little Haiti Rock City documentary on Churchill's Pub. I find myself frequently having to explain why that place is so special and important to the uninitiated.

Yeah! It's just such a weird oasis. I think that only makes it more unique, considering where it is -- where it's situated. It's so bizarre for that kind of place to exist in that kind of neighborhood. Things don't last that long anymore. You can kind of compare it to what CBGBs used to be, in a way. It kind of had that same vibe to it, where you should be afraid to walk in, you know? But when you do walk in, you're wrapped in empathy. To quote myself, it was the forum for things way to the left. Like Rat Bastard! I mean, what the fuck!?

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