International Noise Conference 2015's 182-Act Lineup

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Stigmata. Exploded ears. Underwear full of hot ooze produced by the brown note.

These are just some of the strange side effects of attending the International Noise Conference in Miami.

For the past 12 years, this annual assembly of auditory deviants and incurable exhibitionists has brought blood, pain, shit, and days of din, distortion, and disturbing moments of silence to Churchill's Pub.

The sonic chaos, as orchestrated by local noise-rock legend Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra, continues next month. And here is INC 2015's ever-bloating 182-act lineup.

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Monday, February 2

Pre-INC Party

Curator Autumn Casey

El Palacio de Los Jugos

-Awkward Kisser

-Yolo Ono



-The Orbitals


-Tina White

-Fangus Humangus

-Tasteless Buds


Tuesday, February 3

Curator Jellyfish Bros

-The Jellyfish Brothers (Miami)

-Pari∀h (Miami)

-voice hoist (Miami)

-JUJU PIE (Miami)

-Winona Grinder (Miami)

-spitbath (Miami)

-Mushmind (Miami)

-Sonic graffiti (Miami)

-Shotguns For Legs (Miami)

-Mohammed Love Fuck (Miami)

-Interrobang (Miami)

-The Lemons (Chicago)

-Slectric (Miami)

-men friends (Miami)

-Sopla coco / gun hoes (Miami)

-Pocket of Lollipops (Miami)

-Free pizza (Miami)

-Plane lifter (Miami)

-booty and the browns (Miami)

-FTMF (Miami)

-Liz Ferrer

Churchill's Back Patio

-Janese Weingarten

Churchill's Green Room

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Wednesday, February 4

Curator Bogdan No Work

-Nunhex (Miami)

-Rose (Miami)

-Devalued (Miami)

-Sad Ghost (Miami)

-Bruiser (Miami)

-Eraser (Miami)

-Sponge (Miami)

-Antenna (Miami)

-Snakehole (Miami)

-Smut (Miami)

-Drül (Miami)

-Forlatt (Miami)

-Crud (Miami)

-Black Jail (Miami)

-Sewer Slutz (Miami)

-Golden Dawn (Miami)

-Neuter (Miami)

-Speculum (Miami)

-Bassudac (Miami)


Churchill's Back Patio

Wednesday, February 4

Human Fluid Rot

Churchill's Green Room

-Pen Bachter (Boca Raton, FL)

-Angel Lust (Pompano, FL)

-Iam Iachimoe (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

-Cock Crow Christ (Kendall, FL)

-Scapa Flow (Miami, FL)

-Nefarious Grime (Miami, FL)

-City Medicine (Miami, FL)


-Sharp Pain (Daytona, FL)

-xPARASYTEx (Daytona, FL)

-AIDS Victim (Daytona, FL)

-Smith Lavender (St. Pete, FL)


-J3m5 (Los Angeles, CA)

-BDRR (Austin,TX) *Performing via iPhone

Thursday, February 5

-Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach)

-Holly Hunt (Miami Beach)

-Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge (St Petersburg FL)

-Shitstorm (Miami)

-Last (Fort Lauderdale)

-Human Fluid Rot (Fort Lauderdale)

-Death Talisman VII (Hollywood)

-Jesse Vance (St Petersburg)

-Otto Von Shirach + Mr Feathers + Nayib Estefan (Miami)

-Dino Felipe (Miami)

-Xela Zaid (Miami)

-Juan Montoya & Steve Bristol (Miami/Boca)

-Jamison Williams & Steve Bristol (Jacksonville /Boca)

-Dot Dot Dot Orchestra (Fort Lauderdale)

-Hellmouth (Miami Beach)

-Sharlyn Evertsz (Wynwood)

-Jackie Ransom (Wynwood)

-Cuddler (Ed Matus & Omar Angulo) (Miami)

-Ed Matus (Miami)

-Russell Mofsky (Miami)

-Chris Donaldson (Miami)

-Brendan Muccillo (Miami)

-Adam Matza (Fort Lauderdale)

-Viking Funeral (Miami)

-Double Duh (Miami)

-Whitey Alabastard/Nick Boutwell (Ft Myers FL)

-Jonathan Handcock (Cincinnati OH)

-Needle/Ed Bobb (Miami)

-Steve Malagodi & Gustavo Matamoros (Miami)


Churchill's Back Patio

-Spring Break

Churchill's Green Room

Friday, February 6

Curator Todd Lynne

-Burnt Hair (Jacksonville)

-Mouth Mouth (Jacksonville)

-Haves&Thirds (Tampa)

-Newton (Philadelphia)

-Hell Garbage (Lakeland)

-Norse Shit Band (Lakeland)

-Gradius Cat (Orlando)

-Mirror Men (Philadelphia)

-Hunnie Bunnies (Providence)

-Suckle (Gainsville)

-T-FUNC (Tampa)

-SPQR (Tampa)

-i_like_dog_face (Tampa)

-( ) (Tampa)

-Blonde God (Tampa)

-AMATEUR (Los Angeles)

-Roover Hook (Miami)

-Treasure Teeth (Miami)

-Bobby Flan (Miami)

-Matthew Vinvent (Miami)

-MAL (Tampa)

-Here Comes The Damager (Orlando)

-Boy Harsher (Savanna)

-Public Restroom (NC)

-Marital Blister (Tampa)

-Rate of Decay (Jacksonville)

-Severed + Said (Jacksonville)

-Virgin Flower (Jacksonville)

-Emile Milgrin

Churchill's Back Patio

-Kenny Millions: Be Creative or Die

Churchill's Green Room

Saturday, February 7

-Cock E.S.P. (Minneapolis MN)

-Tinnitustimulus (Rochester)

-Burak (Philadelphia)

-Andy Borsz (Jacksonville FL)

-Novasak (St Petersburg FL)

-Dromez (Austin TX)

-Reverend Mother Flash (New York City)

-Kenny Millions (Hollywood FL)

-This is My Condition (Lawrence KS)

-Bernard Herman (New York City)

-Unicorn Hard-on (Providence RI)

-Leslie Keffer (Dover OH)

-Sharkiface (Oakland CA)

-Yohimbe (Carrboro NC)

-Unguent (Philadelphia)

-Profligate (Philadelphia)

-Spider Sabich (Austin TX)

-R.Nuuja / Asthmatic (Rochester NY)

-La Femme Natal (New York City)

-Irene Moon (New York City)

-Venison Whirled (Austin TX)

-Lazer Slut (Nashville TN)

-Radio Shock (New York City)

-Now's (Atlanta GA)

-Secret Boyfriend (Carrboro NC)

-Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia)

-Mutwawa (Richmond VA)

-Daggering (Richmond VA)

-Iovae (Cincinnati OH)

-Pony Payroll Bones (Baltimore MA)

-No Face (Tallahassee FL)

-C. Lavender (Albany NY)

-Nequam Sonitus (St Petersburg FL)

-Ironing (Gainesville FL)

-Dubb Normal (Atlanta GA)

-Laco$te (Los Angeles CA)

-Embarker (Philadelphia)

-Housefire (Asheville NC)

-Wayne Paine (Los Angeles CA)

-John Vance (Minneapolis MN)

-Cyrus (Minneapolis MN)

-Twilight Memories of the 3 Suns (Portland ME)

-Public Restroom (Carrboro NC)

-Demon Sleeper (Oakland CA)

-Matt Robidoux & Jen Gelinean (Eastampton MA)

-Isa X (Eastampton MA)

-Blue Shift (Providence)

-Salt Swan (Nashville TN)

-Jiblit Dupree (Polk City FL)

-Nexus Monkey (Sarasota/Bradenton)

-Xela Zaid

Churchill's Back Patio


Churchill's Green Room

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International Noise Conference 2015. Monday to Saturday, February 2 to 7. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Call 305-757-1807, or visit churchillspub.com.

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