III Points 2014, Day One: Lykke Li, Flying Lotus, Duke Dumont, Hercules & Love Affair

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The first major act of the night was Lykke Li, who crooned to an ecstatic and grateful crowd for the entirety of her set, which was authoritatively percussion heavy, with a chunky helping of distortion guitar.

She belted a selection of some of her wonderful hits, from "Little Bit" to "I Follow Rivers." Many of her songs, like the aforementioned "Little Bit," which sound a bit more polite on record, were turned into arena-ready anthems.

And whenever Lykke momentarily tired or her voice wavered (understandably), the band and a backup singer swooped in to pick the music back up.

Later, Lykke turned in a hypnotically slow rendition of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire." The rising, quietly intense melody was plucked perfectly on the guitar and Li's wispy voice added a perfect degree of sexiness and isolation to the track, comparing favorably to the Chromatics' cover.

She drove the crowd nuts singing the creepy opening riff from Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love." And when she broke out the power ballad "Never Gonna Love Again," it felt like we were all dancing the last song at a Swedish prom.

Everything came together, people made out, babies were conceived.

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