Hulk Hogan Admits 'Eating Shit Sandwiches,' Auditions for Sh!t Show on Miami Beach

Ever eat a shit sandwich?

Well, brrrother, go get your fill when Cedric Gervais and LIV's all-out Sh!t Show on October 27.

They're going totally balls to the wall. In fact, Cedric and the superclassy Miami Beach club even held a search for the biggest shit-eater, -kicker, and/or -starter in the world.

And would you believe it, Hulk Hogan and his DJ son Nick took time out of their busy schedules to get in on the action.

Yes, they know a thing or two about shit. But do they know enough?

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BTW, can we here at Crossfade tell you how jealous we are about the LIV offices? They've got famous DJs and world-class professional wrestlers coming through all the time. Nothing to do but come up with crazy-ass party themes and act like fools?

Oh, and check out the diss skills on LIV owner Dave Grutman. He's all, "Fuck you, Cedric Gervais. You can't even DJ." Daaaaaamn. Someone get this guy a blogging gig.

Admittedly, we are a little freaked out that they dig the sexy scat-games girl. (See 1:43.)

But you know, that's just how the shit sandwiches get made. And somebody's gotta do the pooping.

Cedric Gervais. Saturday, October 27. LIV Nightclub; 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 11 p.m. Call 305-674-4680 or visit

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