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Help Keep Blowfly From Going Homeless!

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New Times: So, explain what's goin' on.

Tom Bowker (manager): Clarence bought the house for his mother 24 years ago. When she passed in 2011, the mail was going to his dead mother. And the county doesn't differentiate between the living and the dead. They just want the taxes. The lady at the county literally said, "We don't care about your story. We just want the money." So we're gonna keep The Fly from being homeless.

What's the tax for?

It's a property tax for Dade County. The bill was addressed to the wrong person. He lives there with a bunch of family, and it probably got thrown away. Once you go delinquent, it just adds up, then the interest hits, and it's a mess. It's bad news.

How much does he owe?

We have to cough up $8,699.33. That's what you can lose your home for in Dade County if you're not careful. These banks are just gutter snipes.

How old is Blowfly?

He is 75 years old.

How long you been touring with him?

I been with him 11 years. We've done about 450 shows, 4 albums, and one movie on 4 continents.

Where's Blowfly at, can we ask him some questions?

Yeah, hold up, let me go over to his room. It's hot as hell in this bitch. Let me stick a shoe in the door so I don't get locked out.

("Hey Clarence." Knock, knock, knock.)

What do you think about this bullshit?

Blowfly: About the house? I wanna know what the fuck this happening. I been paid for it. I did all the paying.

You have a song for these motherfuckers tryina take your shit?

(singing) I tear up they ass, the bitches have no class/Gonna say it with my mouth/They tryin to take my house/But instead they gonna take this/They gonna take my big dick/Cause once they call me a bastard, my dick rise up, and I become the incredible fuck/Shit/What motherfuckin luck/I think they ought to have something stuck/up they ass/not a dick or a tongue/but a fuckin tree trunk!

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