Hank Williams Jr. and Five Other Tea Party Musicians

For the better part of 20 years, Hank Williams Jr.'s popularity has ranked somewhere between wallpaper and push-pins. Aside from the Monday Night Football theme, dude's done little to wow us.

But then he compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler last week, and we couldn't help but say, "Wow, what a fucknut."

While he claims his words were misinterpreted, this son-of-a-country-music-legend is planning to ride the 15-minute wave of negative press straight into the recording studio.

Williams is set to release a response track, "I'll Keep My..."

We haven't heard it yet, but expect a good ol' fashioned anti-Obama, red, white, and blue ode to Christian America. You know, the standard Tea Party ditty popular at pro-gun and anti-abortion rallies.

5. The Young Cons' "The Problem"

Voted most likely to weasel their way out of a DUI, The Young Cons are the type of the dudes who can easily get away with murder. Typically, their conservative connects in Washington keep an eye out for them as long as daddy keeps writing campaign checks. The Young Cons are also the type of frat bros who drop mad loot on hush-hush abortions and bricks of nose candy.

4. Lloyd Marcus' "American Tea Party Anthem"

We're embarrassed for this guy. Lloyd Marcus is probably a really sweet dude, but he's also pretty gullible. Someone convinced him that the Tea Party had his best interest in mind, so he joined and wrote a song about it. Poor bastard.

3. Dave Furey's "Tea Party #1 in America"

This sounds like the type of crap you'd hear at a really shitty tourist trap "seafood grill and bar" in Key West that advertises nightly live music. "This land belongs to the people, Obama came back to where you came." WTF does that even mean?

2. Lisa Mei Norton's "A Revolution's Brewing"

Are you kidding me? Rush Limbaugh's not a patriot, he's a pill-popping fuckwad. A revolution ins't brewing, the recession is. But singing about God-given rights isn't the way to tackle the issues.

1. Don Fortney's "Immigration Song"

Ladies and gentleman, the voice of the Tea Party.

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