Gunplay on Making Music for Children: "If I Say, 'Fart, Shit, F#$%, Piss,' They Gonna Like It"

Do we want our kids fuckin' wit' Gunplay?

That was the question when the Miami rapper and accused armed robber placed a surprise call to internet radio's Combat Jack Show today.

"I don't make music for [children]," replied Mr. Play (born Richard Morales Jr.), still chillin' at his crib on house arrest. "But once they get used to me and know who I am and my character ... If I say, 'Fart, fart, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, piss, piss' on a record, they gonna like it."

Other topics on deck: White people, Ol' Dirty Bastard, masturbating in jail, playing video games at home, and why the accountant he allegedly pistol-whipped and chain-snatched kept cleaning supplies beside his desk.

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Elaborating on the kiddie question, he attempted to explain why kids (especially the caucasians) love him. "Because they into the Gunplay character. And I'm talking about White America. Not your real hard-core fans."

"They gravitate to you like ODB. He was a wild nigga. Got high. Crackers loved him. He ain't put on tight jeans. He ain't start singing on a record to get in white America. He was his self. He did him.

"And I'm doin' me. I'm doing my shit."

Talking hard time and house arrest, Play admitted to keeping himself entertained in prison with "Corporal Mary Palmer and her five sisters" while preferring Call of Duty: Black Ops at home.

But when asked whether he's "got a new accountant" and how come that Tax Place employee "had a mop in his office" ... All Mr. Play had to say: "Nigga was cleaning house."

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