Get Totally Guitarded at Bar Tonight, Q&A with DJ G Or Die

"Totally Guitarded is a punk rock night at a cool Bar with cheap drinks. It's the only punk night with all DJ's, no bands." That's according to DJ G Or Die who later got so mad at us writing down everything he was saying that he called us stupid, accused us of being high, and told us this was the worst interview ever. That's when we called him a dumbass and told him his party sucked. Read the Q&A after the jump, and go to the party tonight at Bar. It's Totally Guitarded.

Crossfade: So, what's this all about?

G Or Die: Punk rock, metal, hardcore, pretty much everything rock and roll related. It happens the first Wednesday of every month at Bar and the next one is August 4th and that's gonna be my going away party. I'm moving to Jacksonville.

Who are the DJ's?

This time it's me, John Vale, Sex Offendler (his last name is Fendler), and Pee Tee Herman.

That's it?

We're just doing a regular party. We're saving all our firepower for next month. Danger U.S. are gonna play their first show and the Furious Dudes will be there too.

So, basically if next one is gonna be better than this one why should anybody even go?

I mean, it's a punk rock night at a cool bar with cheap drinks. It's the only punk night with all djs, no bands.

That's it?

Look, I'm at work right now, I'm in the middle of doing a tattoo, just show up to the party ok.

What are you working on?

I'm doing some magician shit on somebody.

Put him on the phone let me see what he thinks about it.

I can't be putting you on the phone with customers. The guy doesn't even speak English.

What's the name of the shop?

Pirate Tattoo, 1405 Washington. Why don't you just write a fluff piece and leave me out of it. This is not a personal interview.

What's your name?


That's it?

Fuck off bro. I'm at work.

So, that's all you gotta say?

Dude, shut up bro. You don't even have real questions. This shit is stupid, just write about the party. Quit doing all this dumb shit. This is a horrible interview. It's a fuckin' party. Just put the DJ's we have John Vale, he's a tattoo artist, Pee Tee Herman, he's PeeWee Herman's love child, me and Sex Offendler. You better not put all that stupid talk.

*typing noises

Are you typing everything I'm saying? I cannot believe you're typing every word I'm saying.

Whatever, dumbass.

That's great. Take this seriously. Don't talk about me, don't talk about my job. Go on the Facebook, look at the pictures and try to live vicariously through them.

Shut up.

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Are you serious? What are you fucking high? You just insulted me. This is so dumb. You better send this to me before you post it. Seriously, this conversation was so stupid dude. Seriously, stop, take this seriously please just write down the fucking name of the DJs say we had a Mariachi band on Cinco De Mayo, that we have a guest DJ every single time.

Why do you need so many DJss for? 

The party goes from 10 p.m. at night til 5 a.m.

This party sucks.

It's kind of pretty fun.

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