Garcia's New Track "Black on Black" Takes a Different, Darker Tack

In the past, Miami rapper Garcia's image has often been playfully and shamefully lascivious. (It's no secret he boasts some adult-industry alliances.) But after he took some time outside of the music industry last year, he seems to have come back much more serious and introspective -- even melancholy.

Check, for instance, the moody trailer for his upcoming video "Rebel," which we posted here last week. And now comes a new track called "Black on Black," whose title sounds like another ode to materialism but whose content takes a different, darker tack.

The tone is largely set by the mournful beat, a chime-filled piece of classic boom-bap by local producer-engineer Sarcazm. And as it unfolds, we get some almost gothic lyrical leanings: "I'm like an angel that fell from grace / Looking in the mirror can't stand my face." Later, he calls out his former fake industry "friends": "Used to be the man / No one's even saying hi now .... The paradise I'm living in ain't really so fly now." 

And lastly, we get some bummer family drama: "Legal system had me penalized / Now Julie needs a dad, I see it all in her eyes."

"I'm not exactly sure what project it's gonna land on but I kind of fell in love with the beat when the homie Sarcazm sent it to me," Garcia says. "It really helped me express how I was feeling at the moment when I was writing. Almost as if everything had come full circle in my life. I was back at square one, realizing who my real friends were in this business."

Phony people aside, by the end Garcia finds fulfillment in his lady ("a super dime"), his daughter, and the good of his word. How that all continues to play out sonically remains to be seen on his next release. 

Download: Garcia's "Black on Black"

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Arielle Castillo
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