Future Classic Preview and MP3 of the Day From The Great Tribulation

The singer of The Great Tribulation has a bit of a name, so he'd rather you not know it. The rest of the band members may have something of a name too, but we don't know, because they're not saying. We do know that the name of the band itself refers to what Christians believe will be a time of intense suffering and sacrifice. But that apparently the Believers will make out okay in the end.

We also know that the nameless band members are from Miami. And that they'll be at Future Classic Festival this Saturday night. And if the band sounds half as good there as they do here, they'll be pretty dynamite.

They call themselves The Great Tribulation and we think they sound a little but like Jellyfish or Elbow, perhaps with a bit of Pulp thrown in for good measure. What do you think they sound like? After the jump, get MP3s of their songs "Like a Drug" and "Save That Memory."

MP3:The Great Tribulation - "Like a Drug"

MP3: The Great Tribulation - "Save That Memory"

Future Classic Festival takes place Saturday, September 12 at SOHO Studios in Miami Beach. Tickets are $25. Visit futureclassicfestival.com

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