Free Music: Furious Dudes, Lil Daggers, the Crumbs, and More on Free Livid Records Comp

For the past four years, Boca-based Livid Records has been slowly but steadily releasing some of the better Florida (and beyond) rock records. With a roster that's curated more by feel than specific genre, founder Chuck Livid has revived the careers of some old South Florida classics -- like the Crumbs -- and helped bolster those of up-and-comers like Glocca Morra.

To celebrate the label's birthday, Livid presents you with this free, 18-song sampler showcasing tracks from past and future releases. Among the bands representing for Miami specifically here are the aforementioned Crumbs and Glocca Morra, along with Crossfade favorites Lil Daggers and Furious Dudes.

BTW, the cute cover artwork is by Chuck's equally cute wife, artist Helena Garcia.

Chuck's been on the Miami punk/rock scene for years -- in fact, he's an old Crossfade buddy from the days of photocopied 'zines (RIP) -- so he's formed a few opinions along the way. Hit the jump to read what he has to say about the local scene's evolution, as well as the future of Livid itself.

Download:  Livid Records - The First Four Years

Crossfade: How did you select the particular tracks for the sampler?

Chuck Livid: The songs on the compilation are my personal favorite tracks from each band. At the end of the day I'd say these tracks best represent why I signed these bands to Livid Records to begin with.

What acts have you signed most recently, and why?

The last three bands are all from Miami. We just signed Lil Daggers, Furious Dudes, and the Crumbs. The scene in Miami right now is really tops. In my opinion, it hasn't been this good since the mid-'90s when bands like Chickenhead, AAA, Milkshed, the Agency, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, and rhe Crumbs were tearing it down at Cheers.

In a lot of ways the scene may actually be better now than it was then. It hurts saying that because that's the scene I grew up in. You've got bands like Space Station 5, the Gray Girls, Afrobeta, and Beings just tearin' it up in Miami right now and it's really just awesome.

What releases coming up are you most excited about?

My dream come true is the next Crumbs record. They've always been a huge inspiration to me. The fact that Livid's releasing a Crumbs record that will seriously blow everyone's mind in the sense of getting the tone right and really doing a fantastic job in production and execution, I like to think, is really just a long-overdue love letter from me to Miami.

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I'm also super stoked about the newer bands like Furious Dudes and Lil Daggers because they show the caliber of what's coming out of Miami right now. These bands show that Miami's no longer an awkward niche of bands or sounds. They can go toe to toe with the best bands across the country and personally, I feel that Lil Daggers and Furious Dudes make great ambassadors to the Miami music scene.

Where do you see Livid Records going in the NEXT four years?

It's really tough to say. I try to remain extremely positive about the future of the label. The business of music is becoming bleaker everyday. I'll be honest, I've literally taken food off my plate to get records out and that's no joke. Early on, I made a deal with myself regarding the label. I told myself that no matter what, that I will always be involved with music.

When a girl he really liked told him that she planned to marry someone else in the fall, the great Hollywood producer Robert Evans said "Never plan, kid. Planning's for the poor." That's my mindset when it comes to releasing records in these uncertain times -- just do it.

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