Flyer of the Week: Ice Cream and Friends Drop Some Desorden at El Warehouse Tonight

Skinnydipping after dark with a few longhair BFFs is one of the best ways to spend a springtime Friday night. The water's green, the sky's green, and there's no discernible horizon. It's cold, but not that cold. And the wind whistles like music while puffy, cartoon-ish letters float through the emerald darkness, spelling out secret messages.

Now, the second best way to spend a springtime Friday night is attending a random warehouse party, like tonight's Desorden thing. You shouldn't expect nudie swimming (unless someone rents a hot tub or brings the kiddie pool), but there'll be plenty of very friendly longhairs. Local wind-whistlers Ice Cream are set to lead it all with help from Flower Flower, Grey Eights, Sergio Pineda, Milk Spot, and Charlie Astro. Plus, Roy of Ice Cream just started a Facebook campaign for a keg. So c'mon ... Pitch in! Get ripped! Skinnydip?

Friday, March 19. El Warehouse, NE 2nd Avenue and NE 65th Street, Miami. The show starts at 8:30 p.m., and it's totally free.

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S. Pajot