Florida Republican Congressman Loves Jay-Z, Reviews Magna Carta Holy Grail Via Twitter

On his recent hit "Open Letter," Jay-Z raps: "Politicians never did shit for me, except lie to me, distort history."

He can't ever say that again, unless he tacks on a line about "and review my new album Magna Carta Holy Grail via Twitter at 40,000 feet on the way to D.C."

Yep, Florida Republican congressman Trey Radel, representing Fort Myers, Naples, and Cape Coral, is apparently a huge Jay-Z fan. So he published a track-by-track review of the hype-worthy record while aboard a plane bound for the Capitol.

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All jokes aside, bro loves Hova. Get ready for a glowing review.

We're not sure we agree with him on that one ... But alright.

We wonder what Rep. Radel thinks of the six-hour performance Jay did of this song while recording his upcoming music video in the Pace Gallery in Chelsea, NYC?

Some might just say redundant? But it's cool.

OK. This politician knows about twerking. Vote him back in every cycle.

Yo, and he knows his shit when it comes to Rolands?!

Just so we know, West isn't on the credits for "Heaven," but Timbaland and J-Roc are.

Nice old-school name drop.

That's Gonjasufi, whose track "Nickles n Dimes" was heavily lifted for this closing track.

And only you can prevent forest fires.

And thanks for sharing your thoughts, Trey. Now, go repeal that Stand Your Ground shit so we can get Stevie Wonder back up in this bitch.

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