Five Worst Things About Clubbing in Miami

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Drink Prices

We get it. We're in Miami. The nights are warmer, the music is louder, and the drinks are expensive. But it's not just the bottles of champagne and vodka that are ridiculously overpriced simply for the sake of giving rappers something to spend their money on. No, we're talking about regular drinks too. You know that $10 beer you're sipping on there ... You coulda bought at least a six-pack for what it's worth. Remember, Miami, if you're balling on a budget, make sure to pre-game.


Alright, cool. You've got your designated driver and you've figured out where to go for the night. But then you get there and your friend can't find a spot to park the effing car. Meter cops and tow trucks lurk in the shadow waiting to pounce on unsuspecting vehicles, and sketchy lots charge absurdly high prices for just a few hours. Yes, Miami Beach is the worst, but downtown can be just as bad and it seems even Wynwood is about to start cracking down.

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