Five Ways to Impress Drake, Win Opening Slot on Club Paradise Tour

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Drake Likes Braggarts

Much like how it takes making money and blowing it to be a member of the YMCMB Rich Gang, Drake needs his openers to be as boastful as he is. Even if you don't really have the swaggy, money-filled resume of the YMCMB bosses, you have to talk the talk. After all, it takes acting like you've got money to make money.

Drake Likes to Make It Sexy

So you're braggy ... But can you pull bitches? Top-notch hoes? You've got to be a shot-caller to get that sexy and still keep it gangsta. And hoes are just another reason to make sure you're getting paid, because the girls you get when you're this high up in the game come with a price tag.

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