Five Reasons Jay-Z and Kanye's "Otis" Video Totally Sucks

Earlier in the week, Crossfade reported on the new Hova-slash-Yeezy collabo "Otis" and how the track totally misses the point of the original Otis Redding song it samples.

Put simply, this pair of premiere rap man-baby millionaires has, quite predictably, substituted soul for swag.

Well, MTV debuted the video last night. And guess what ... It's totally no good! After the jump, check out Crossfade's five reasons Jay-Z and Kanye's "Otis" video totally sucks.

1. Video Premieres Used to Mean Something, Dammit

Remember when an MTV Music Video World Premiere meant, like, Michael Jackson presenting a half-hour saga, the subtext of which was how much more he had descended into madness since the last video. "Otis" is barely three minutes long! Look, MTV, we know attention spans are extinct. But you've been hyping this shit for weeks and it's only 196 seconds long?

2. Wouldn't It Be Cooler If They Trashed That Car

Hey, here's a pitch for an out-there, expectation-crushing music video: Two of the biggest names in the rap game trash a custom vehicle with a buzz saw and a blow torch, while hanging out with ugly women, eating gross-looking food, and doing whippits.

3. Kanye Doesnt Know The Lyrics

See: Right around the 58-second mark, Ye completely flubs mouthing along to Jay-Z's verse. We all know the only reason he's even in this video, on this song, or has the new collabo with Jay-Z is because after the one-two punch of 808 and Heartbreak and then his public harassment of Taylor Swift, no one is gonna buy a Just Kanye anything.

4. Jay-Z + Kanye = B.F.F.A.E.A.E.

Look, I don't care how badly these dudes want to convince us they're Best Friends Forever and Ever and Ever. The chummy buddy crap at 1:40 is unbearable.

5. Kanye's Self-Serving Activism

The video has finally made it to YouTube. But last night, MTV was the only place you could stream this steamer. And something that was lost in translation was an abrupt message at the end about the car in the video being auctioned off to support drought relief in Africa. We can't quite put our finger on it, but something smells fishy. Like Kanye.

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