Five Reality Stars Who Should Stay a Billion Miles Away From the Recording Studio

We're not really sure what inspires reality TV cast members to think that a little airtime means they're qualified to belt it out for the masses. But we don't like it. They usually have no training, no stage presence and -- what's worse -- no talent.

Rumors began to spread this week that Kim Kardashian is the latest addition to the reality-star-turned-pop-star onslaught. Though she confirmed on her site that the song leak does not in fact feature her voice, there are talks that all the hype made her actually want to put out an album. Ugh. 

Kim Kardashian
Yes, she's beautiful. Yes, she gives us curvy women a good name. She can make you buy anything from a $10 water bottle to Quick Trim and her entire family is on E! on a weekly basis. But that doesn't necessarily qualify her to sing. She confirmed the voice below isn't hers, but we're not sure we believe Ms. Kardashian's claims.

Paris Hilton
The socialite turned renaissance woman really does own a piece of everything. She models, she "acts," she "writes." We've even seen Kim K.'s former BFF pawn off Paris-branded hair extensions in beauty stores. We saw her on TV, in sex tapes, and all over the tabloids, then she came out with an album that included her cougaring it up in this little ditty.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
This man singlehandedly made "being extremely fit" synonymous with "being a douche." No, you don't need six-pack abs to get laid. But apparently you need 'em to write books, and now to be a "rap star." We didn't think it could be possible to have an entire song revolve around "Whoa, we've got a situation." But alas, with the power of autotune, anyone can get their tracks played at the club.

Heidi Montag-Pratt
There's no use denying it: This humble blogger loved watching the train wreck that was The Hills. Heidi was just so innocent and sweet when it all started. We slowly began to feel worse for her as she became a Pratt and transformed from a blond beach babe to a botched Barbie doll recreation. But this song put it over the top for us.

Tila Tequila
She's cute, she's tiny, and she became known as that chick who has the most MySpace friends. She likes dudes and chicks, and gave 'em all a "Shot at Love." But when she started singing about hooking up with a DJ, she lost us. Okay, she lost us a long time ago.

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Christine Borges