Finley Quaye at Ricochet Miami, September 12

Finley Quaye

Ricochet, Miami

Wednesday, September 13, 2012

Better Than: Shopping for overpriced fedoras.

At a little after 11 p.m., amid smoke and buzz, Scottish reggae guy Finley Quaye took to Ricochet's stage and started crooning, no unnecessary fanfare or wild shout outs. It was a mellow start to his first Miami performance in five years. He simply sat, perched on a stool, and sang some soulful tunes.

Dressed in a floppy hat, oversized sunglasses, and board shorts, the Scot singer looked ready for a drum circle, belting it out for Ricochet's crowd of Midtown hipsters. The see-and-be-seen set, a mass of Panama hats and skinny jeans, gathered en masse at the foot of the stage. And as Quaye crooned, the audience members jostled and jabbered, engrossed in their own conversations.

But then they started paying attention ... Without a doubt, the singer was at his best when flowing to that riddim. So while the crowd started out a tad tepid, Finley's leap into reggae tunes upped the energy, inspiring concertgoers to dance, sway and (almost) abandon their chatter.

Still, the venue's chattiest Kathies weren't exactly vibin' to Quaye's mellow music. Some were more concerned with making a show of unnecessary bottle service (in midtown, really?) than enjoying the music. Others kept busy playing tonsil hockey to the tune of "Street People." There were a handful, however, who seemed enthralled by Finley's winsome sounds.

Quaye sat, then stood, jamming though a memorable "House of the Rising Sun" cover and a revamped version of "Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day." And with a friendly sign-off, it was over as it began, low key and comfortable.

Critic's Notebook

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Personal Bias: Quaye's got a voice made for reggae. After almost 20 years on the circuit, he's still got it.

The Crowd: An eclectic crew of hipsteriffic barflys and neo-soul enthusiasts.

Protip: Sunglasses at night.

Finlay Quaye's Setlist:

-"Point of Blue"


-"For My Children's Love"


-"House of the Rising Sun"

-"Even After All"

-"Royal Rasses"

-"Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday"

-"Street People"




-"Weight In Gold"

-- Hannah Sentenac

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