Fedde Le Grand on Sensation, ID&T, EDM's U.S. Invasion: "America Is Ready, Especially Miami"

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This is the first time Sensation will put on a Miami show, part of the Dutch event's inaugural tour across the United States, but it's been one of the biggest brands in EDM productions since 2000.

"It's actually been around for so long," says Fedde Le Grand. "And it was something I always looked up to, because it was one of the biggest things we had in Holland.

"I've not only seen Sensation but also ID&T evolve over the years," he points out. "And in my personal opinion, they're among the best in the world."

ID&T is behind a number of big-name EDM productions, including the recent TomorrowWorld festival, which took place just outside Atlanta. But Sensation is something truly unique.

"Sensation is all about people uniting in white, dancing on the same beat, getting a total experience," explains ID&T creative director Gérard Zwijnenburg. "Everybody works together to tell one big story from the beginning until the end."

And yes, that's right -- the all-white dress code is not an option. If you show up in black, they will make sure you get a white outfit before heading inside, but you should just take care of that yourself.

The point of this Sensation uniform: It makes the audience part of the show, equalizes everyone, and creates a feeling of togetherness. "Especially," Le Grand says, "when they add the stuff, like, everybody has illuminating gloves or illuminating wrist bands that can be synched to the music. It's kind of unreal. It's a little bit magical.

"Even when you're walking to the venue," the DJ adds, "you can immediately recognize who's going and who's not going. It's very visual, so that gives you a connection to everyone that's in there."

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