Fat Joe Looking as Sexy as Ever

Ok, maybe not.

You hate to see the part-time Miami resident in such an uncompromising photo but this is just too funny to pass up. I don't know where this shot came from or if it's even real but it is NOT a good look for Joey Crack. But I still dig him though and can't help but give his latest video, "Make it Rain" some blog love.

The more you think about it though, why the hell is making it rain so damn popular? You've got money. And I guess you don't need it. That's cool--when playing Monopoly. It's rather juvenile in real life and creates an uncomfortable situation for those of us with 50 dollars in our pockets that want to just snatch up all that floating bill money but don't want to look broke in the process. I don't know. I've seen some grown men hit the ground and dive for all that cash and get laughed at in the process, but when you think about it, so what. It's probably pride that keeps people from grabbing all that cash and shoving it in their pockets. I bet the janitors at these clubs are making a fortune!! Just a thought.

Enjoy the video.

-- Jonathan Cunningham

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